Success Stories


Antes de empezar la terapia, tenia dificultad en sentarme. Estaba en cama de 3-4 semanas. No me podia mover por el dolor que sentia, necesitaba ayuda en todo lo que tenia que hacer. Ahora, despues de la terapia, ya no tengo la dificultad que tenia antes. Ahora puedo hacer trabajos en casa, cuidar de mi misma, hacer cosas que nunca imagine poder hacer en mi vida.

– Maria Rendon

The staff here at Total Rehab are very friendly, helpful, and patient with us. I was very satisfied with their work.

– Melissa Thompson

After surgery I ended up at Total Rehab. I was supposed to go to another place for rehab, but ended up here. Everybody here since day one has been awesome. I can’t say enough nice things about everyone. They are kind and gentle and have been an enormous part of my journey to get me walking again. I could barely walk 2 months ago with a walker and today I’m walking on my own. Rehab isn’t easy but necessary in order to get back to normal. My advice to anybody who is having surgery is to keep positive and have a great mindset in order to go through this tough journey. Go to Total Rehab, they will get you right. Great staff. Love everybody. After 5 knee surgeries, this has been the best experience I’ve had in rehabilitation.

– Marisol Garza

I’m 92 years old, I’ve had therapy in other places and this is the best therapy facility I’ve ever been to. All of the therapy staff are very qualified, with good attitudes and always smiling.

– Gray Lonzo

Este es ultimo dia de terapia estoy bien agradesida con todos los terapista que me ayudaron mucho, que dios los cuiden siempre.

– Graciana Ramirez

They schedule patients in a timely manner, patients are happy and come back to us with great results. Very happy with their service.

– Dr. Bossolo

The staff at Total Rehab are very professional and I know I can call in and get an appointment right away. The staff go above and beyond to take care of their patients’ needs. I would definitely recommend Total Rehab to our patients.

– Bea Carmona, Office of Dr. Pisharodi

It is great to always see their Marketing Director, always with a huge smile and showing appreciation to all our staff. He maintains positive and strong communication with our office regarding not only Total Rehab services but about our patient scheduled immediately and receive our reports quickly. We enjoy interacting with Total Rehab.

– Jorge Cavazos, Practice Administrator for Dr. Diaz